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    Fabbric Panels are the foam alternative for sound panels. These are solid sound boards wrapped in many colors of cloth. The 1/2”-1” thick panels absorb just as much as the 2" thick foam panels do. Custom cut to the size/color you want for your music rooms,studios and wherever they are needed.
    Reducing echo in your space can be an opportunity to provide beautiful colors as well. We manufacture acoustical panels that can be wrapped with 100's of different fabrics, made in special shapes and sizes, and installed in almost any method you want. Our acoustical software tells us how many panels are needed, but that's just the beginning. Together we can design far more than just an acoustical solution. If you can draw it, we can make it.
    Your room may not need just sound absorbing panels.
    If we are putting acoustical panels in a school gym we better plan on somebody throwing a basketball at one! Listening rooms, home theaters and studios need panels that absorb and panels that reflect to get the acoustics just right. Let's talk about everything you want, fabric wrapped panels can provide many acoustical and practical benefits.Polyester Acoustic Panels suppliers

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